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Client Profile – The Guardian

金币场棋牌上下分As a leading news organisation, The Guardian News & Media deliver news across a range of different platforms. As part of their digital-first strategy, they deploy a distinctive, open approach to publishing on the web, reaching a global audience in the tens of millions.


The Challenge

金币场棋牌上下分 In 2012, The Guardian’s Accounts Receivable team dedicated a number of staff and several hours per day to manually send invoices by post.This process required time to print invoices and address labels, check details, and then stuff and frank thousands of envelopes.


金币场棋牌上下分 Beyond the labour required to do this, purchasing materials as well as the hire and maintenance of a franking machine made for a costly process.


金币场棋牌上下分 Moreover, the team involved with the manual process of sending invoices by post were unable to focus on driving financial efficiency through ensuring balances were being collected in an accurate and timely manner.


金币场棋牌上下分 Beyond the immediate inefficiencies of paper based invoicing, customer demand for e-billing was growing. The need for an EDI (Electronic Document Interchange) invoicing solution was apparent, and so the search for an e-invoicing provider began.

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